For a number of years now, a few of us from northern England and Scotland have been making the trek into the deep south to attend an annual conference/symposium type of event, which brings together scientists, artists, writers and other creative oddjobs, to meet, share ideas and enthusiasms, learn and generally network. The common ground is nature, in the broadest sense – (without getting into questions of what is or isn’t natural!).


We all come away in good spirits, feeling a little less isolated (particularly those of us living and working away from urban centres and pursuing idiosyncratic paths); and more than a little inspired, I think.

In the spirit of devolution, while maintaining the connections and fostering the network, we began to think of setting up a local event along similar lines, something to reach out into rural areas along the English/Scottish border, though without any strict geographical range.

And so Borderlands was born: the three of us who initiated this (Kate Foster, Malcolm Green and Geoff Sample) decided to each host an event over the course of a year or so, supported by the other two, and see where it led.

Borderlands #1 was held at the Cheviot Centre, Wooler on 24th October 2015 – you can get an idea of the day here.

Plans are underway for Borderlands #2 in Dumfries in April 2016.


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